Christmas in Italy: Milan and Lake Como

When: December 2016

Where: Milan; Malgrate; Lecco; Lake Como

Hotel: Hotel Griso

When Todd told me he needed to go to Italy for a last minute meeting with a collector, who had just purchased a large piece, there was only one way for me to respond..."when are we leaving?" Within two weeks, Todd, me, and the two boys were sitting at the Miami airport waiting to hop on a plane to Milan.  With all the traveling we have done since O was born, none have included flights.  So this was not only his first airplane ride, it would be his first time overseas and in a foreign country.  Not bad for a 13 month old.  I was very apprehensive to fly with him on my lap because, well, it's just not fun to be squished into a small space for eight hours regardless.  Add in a newly walking toddler and let your imagination run wild.  I must say, however, he did exceptionally well.  Like freakishly well.  We took off (a bit late of course) and within an hour he was conked out across Todd and my laps.  {Quick note about the financials of this last minute trip: we found an amazing deal...our tickets were around $550.00 per person (O was free on our laps and Sir's ticket was around $430.00) and the hotel was running an amazing deal.  We used Google Flights for our plane tickets and just picked the best dates to fly since we were somewhat flexible and we used Expedia to find our hotel deal.}  We arrived in Madrid, Spain for a quick layover before heading off again to Milan.  The Madid Airport is really great for families.  They have several play areas throughout the terminals, which were helpful for keeping the jet lagged kiddos entertained for the few hours we were there.


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