Traveling Family Blogs

When Todd and I decided to start traveling full time (with a home/studio break every so often) we did lots of research on other families who traveled with children and worldschooled.  I found solace in these other families' stories of adventure and trial and error and they helped immensely in assuring me that this was the right decision for our family.  Here are some of the amazing blogs written by amazing people about their experiences in world travel. {Written by a mother and traveler who worldschooled her children.  She offers some amazing educational resources and tips.} {Blog by a young woman who grew up worldschooling, so her blog reflects worldschooling from a first hand perspective.} {Family of full-time travelers with two young boys.  They are a true inspiration for me because Sir, our 8 year old, is close in age with their children.} {Their children aren't old enough to worldschool yet, but they are a philanthropical family that travels full-time.} {About a mother and son duo who left the United States to travel full-time and learn through experience.}

I add to this list often, so please check back for more.  If you would like to add to the list, please comment below.  Happy trails!

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