Spring Fling through the Northeast

When: Spring 2016

Where: Richmond, VA; Washington DC; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Charleston, WV

Hotels: Omni Richmond Downtown; Roosevelt Hotel New York

We are always taking spontaneous trips throughout the U.S. because of Todd's art, and this spring was no different.  A collector of his in NYC needed a piece delivered to his AMAZING penthouse apartment in downtown Manhattan -- (yeah, I'm jealous too), and another collector who had bought a piece a few weeks earlier needed it delivered to Philadelphia.  Now, of course we use freighting and other pack and ship companies to send most of his work to collectors, but these two pieces were very large and who gives up a chance to go to NYC? Not me, at least.

We packed up our SUV, dropped our puppies off at my parent's house, and set off!  The most brilliant part of this whole trip was that we coordinated it with our best friend's annual Kentucky Derby party that they hold in Charleston, WV at their beautiful, expansive, estate home.  It's an event that we never miss. So off we went! We started our trip by staying at our family's house in Gainesville, FL for a relaxing few days before heading north to Richmond for an overnight.

We arrived at the lovely Omni in downtown and were greeted by friendly staff who were very helpful. I'm sure they saw the tiredness on my face as I schlepped out of the car.  We stay at Omni Resorts often and are never disappointed, so this time was no different.  We arrived late and were leaving early so couldn't take advantage of some of their amenities.  Instead we hunkered down in the room, ordered WAY too much room service, and ate in the comfort of the warm robes.  And might I add that the food was delicious; even more so probably because we had been in the car all day and needed something other than granola bars.

The next morning we headed toward Philadelphia, with a side trip to Washington DC.  We had pulled Sir from school for this little venture so I wanted to make sure to add in a few historical way points to impress his teacher; not really, though.  As far as I'm concerned children learn through travel without specific instruction, but since I'm a historian I couldn't really pass up the opportunity.  We only had a few hours in D.C. so we only got to visit the Smithsonian gardens (around the Smithsonian Castle), and we walked over to the Washington Monument and the White House.  I was slightly annoyed because Sir was literally complaining the entire time we were there.  "I can't walk!" "Mom, I'm so tired!" "I don't even care about anything anymore!"  Now, this is unlike him so I should've suspected something was wrong, especially when the tears started to flow, but instead I reprimanded him.  "How could you not care?!"  "Do you know how lucky you are?!"

We made it back to the car.  As I was setting the GPS for our next stop, I turned around and saw Sir sleeping in the back seat.  His eyes were sunken in and his face was very pale.  I motioned for my husband to look and we both made a face that said: "I think he's really sick...oops."  I woke him to take his temperature; it was 102 degrees.  My heart sank.  Guilty mom moment number 1,276,987 set in.  We drove off to Philly, while the boys rested in the back seat.  I was hoping O wouldn't get it either since he was only 6 months old and still vulnerable to so much.

After delivering the first sculpture to the clients in Philadelphia, we checked into our downtown hotel.  We always try to stay near the action, so to speak, especially during our short stays.  This allows us to see things without having to pack up the circus.  There was a Chinese Lantern Festival being held just a few blocks away and I couldn't resist not going.  On our walk to the festival we stumbled upon Benjamin Franklin's grave.  The cemetery was on the plot of land adjacent to the hotel.  It was closed, but we peaked through the gates and had a look.  It opened again the next morning so we went back before we made our way out of town.  We also checked out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  It was another successful run (literally) through a city.  MORE TO COME!

We arrived in New York City to your typical crazy traffic and jaw-dropping architecture.  Cities breath such life into me.  One of my favorite things to do is sit at a cafe or restaurant and people watch while sipping on a drink.  It gives me so much energy to create, write, or do anything, really.  Surprisingly, it's the same level of energy I get from spending time alone in nature.  I think I like the extremes of our society, in a way.  There's one place I don't feel comfortable, and that's suburbia...it's a secret (not so secret) fear of mine.  We found street parking near the hotel, which was quite lucky.  We were going to valet park the car later after Todd met with his collector and delivered another sculpture. 

We checked in to the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown and Todd left for his meeting.  I was going to take the kids for a walk around the streets or maybe pop into a cafe, but by time I got ready, they had both fallen asleep.  Sir was clearly not over whatever he already had, and I was pretty sure O had caught whatever "it" was.  By time Todd returned (geared up from his meeting and ready to hit a restaurant for a late dinner) the kids were still sleeping.  I doled out the Tylenol and we ordered room service.  We've become quite accustomed to room service so we didn't mind, but it's always a shame to give up a night out in Manhattan.  The food was superb, of course, and Sir even managed to eat dessert before passing out again for the night.  In the morning, we made our way over to the Today Show for a morning segment and then heading out of the city.  We make out way to NYC a few times a year so it wasn't too horrible only getting to spend one night there, though, I always like staying longer.

After leaving NYC we drove to Charleston, WV to spend the weekend with our friends.  On Saturday we celebrated the Kentucky Derby by betting and dancing the night away at their epic annual derby party.  It was so much fun getting to hang out with our friends and other groups of people that we only get to see once a year.  Unfortunately, Todd caught the frightful sickness that was plaguing the children.  I managed to get it on our drive home, but that didn't put a damper on the memories we made during our spring fling through the northeast!

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  1. Those poor sick young'uns! Sounds like quite the adventure though. You managed to do a lot in Philly! I lived there for 2 years and never got around to seeing the bell. :)