UK or Bust

Our first international trip as a family was in 2013.  We spent three weeks in Ireland and the UK. This would be Todd and I's third visit to Ireland and my second trip to the UK.  Our son, Sir, was so excited to travel on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean and go to a different country.  At the time he was 5 so he wasn't quite sure what it all meant, but we bought him a globe and showed him as much as we could, to his understanding, where we would be going.  Most people responded to the fact that we were taking our young son to Europe with excitement for him, weariness for us, but strangely most had something derogatory to say about the financial waste of a trip on someone "who won't even remember it."  Without a doubt that is one of the most frustrating responses I get from people when they hear how much we travel with our children.  Would you not send your child to kindergarten because they "might not remember it?"  Of course, not!  Traveling is the same...its not necessarily about remembering every detail of the trip, its about the feeling you receive seeing the alps for the first time or it's laughing with new friends with different senses of humor.  Gratitude, cultural awareness, confidence, these are the lessons we all receive from traveling and they can't just be measured in memories but also in our subconscious reasoning.  That's what my child gains from traveling.  Anyway, that was a bit tangental...back to the trip.

We flew to Dublin, but only stayed a night before heading to Holyhead, Wales on the Ferry.  We rented a car and started driving South.  After we spent a few days in Caerleon at the beautiful Priory Inn, we then headed West to London, North to York, and finished our trip touring through Scotland.  It was such a whirlwind tour, but absolutely worth it.  I can't wait to take the kids back soon and spend more time in each place. Ideally, we like to spend enough time in a place to really get to know the feeling of it and its residents, but sometimes you just have to go for it if you don't have that kind of time.  For details about the different sections of the trip check out their individual posts with their anecdotal travel tips (Wales, England, Scotland).  So what about you?  Have any of you taken a whirlwind trip? With or without kids?

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