Taking the RV Plunge

So after 8 years of traveling around North America for Todd's business, we've decided to FINALLY get an RV.  It will allow us to be freer in making travel choices beyond those made for work and we are so excited to begin our road journey to some of the most beautiful places on earth. We're thinking about hitting up some of the National Parks this summer. After going back and forth between a motor home or a towable RV, we decided to get the towable.  We really liked the idea of having a vehicle that we could detach and go exploring with on roads that might be too small or winding for a larger RV.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you want to look at it that way) the model we decided on is not available in South Florida.  Guess what that means? We get to go on a road trip to pick it up!  We are driving from Florida to Missouri over the course of 4 days so that we can get back in time for some prior obligations we have at "home base."  I'll update this post with photos as soon as we pick it up.  Eeeeeek! I'm so excited!

(June 4, 2016)
Well, we got it!  Here are a few pictures from the first day.

Here's O on the queen bed (with his bunny, of course)

We stayed at a state park in Illinois on our way back to Florida.  After backing into 4(!) spots that didn't have working electricity, we finally found the perfect spot.

Here the kiddos are getting out their energy after being cooped up in the car for two days.  Sir was bouncing off the walls with excitement over getting to actually sleep in the RV.  He said he never wants to stay in a hotel again...I'll ask him again after we've spent the summer in it.


  1. Yes!! RVs are magical for children. Lol. Would love to know what Sir thinks of it at the end of the summer. He might think of it as his adventure ship forever!

    1. He still loves it! In fact, we've all become very fond it. It's definitely an adventure ship for us all! We even hang out in it while it's parked in our driveway - haha!

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