Worldschooling...what is it?  Honestly, at this point I couldn't give you a direct or lengthy answer.  It's a non-conventional way of educating your children through world experience and experiments, through interactions with other cultures, religions, and ways of life.  No matter what, I think it must be tailored to your own children and how they tend to learn, but I think it is the most amazing (and natural) way for humans to gain information and understanding about the world around them.  Currently, my son Sir (8 years old) goes to conventional public school.  This is NOT a bad thing, especially because the school he attends is a creative arts academy that offers art, science, dance, mathematics, theatre, technology, violin, and language arts.  However, no matter how good the school is, it still works within the confines of a conventional education with red tape, administrative chaos, and overly structured artificial learning environments.  These environments can't possibly offer children the same  knowledge as worldly interactions...and that is what I want for my children.  Worldschooling is actually something that my husband and I have already done for years, really; that is, in between school years and during breaks.  Over the next year, possibly two, I'm considering transitioning my son into a full time and official (not sure if that's a thing) worldschooling way of learning and until then I will spend as much time as possible reading and educating myself on the best way to make this happen.  So far I have found some great resources that I'd like to share with you (Links below). Here are a few photos of my oldest son learning from his own experiences and not just a textbook.

Taking notes while at the Salvador Dali Museum

Heritage bus tour through Edinburgh, Scotland

Learning about shells at a beach in North Carolina

Please check out these websites if you have any questions about what worldschooling is; they are full of valuable information.  And check back here in the future as I hope to have a greater understanding of the concept of worldschooling soon and perhaps even a few worldschooling students myself.  Leave a comment if you have any questions or advice!

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